How to Cope with Divorce

How to Cope, Deal, and Bounce Back from Divorce

If you are going through a divorce or a romantic break-up you may be experiencing many emotions….anger, fear, disappointment, hopelessness toward the future, sadness, and/or grief. These emotions are sometimes not recognized, however, they can be real. In many cases, a divorce is not a devastating loss, on the contrary, it may even make you happy or relieved. Still, in most cases, all of a sudden finding oneself not being part of a couple, hits us hard and we may wonder:

• How was I wrong?
• What mistake did I make?
• Could I have done something different?
• How did I not realize what was happening before?

As you go through a divorce or romantic break-up, you close a chapter in your life, but it does not end your life. In front of you is a path that you can walk down with strength and hope.

If you feel any bitterness in your soul, let it go. It is not healthy to keep negative feelings inside. If you think you are doing harm to your former spouse, you are wrong. The person you are doing harm to is really yourself. Therefore, forgive and go on with your life.

In the system “The 11 Principles of Transformation in the third principle “Go Deeper into the Spiritual Dimension” I elaborate on the issue of forgiveness (besides gratitude and love).

If we learn to forgive, we empower ourselves.

We can choose to be happy, and transform any romantic loss, into an extraordinary gain.

Remember Your Life Has Meaning!Speaker Author, Life, Loss & Grief Coach


Are You Ready to Cope, Deal, and Bounce Back from Your Transition?

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