Honoring My Beloved Father On His Birthday

Today would be the birthday of my beloved father, Julio C. Martinez A. a self-made man who had a dream…and made it a reality. In this picture, we see him receiving The Golden Shovel award from Ford Motor Company in April 1970. He died in November 11, 1971.

I lost him when I was 12 years old…however, his love lives in my heart.

I share with you a letter I wrote to him 5 years after his death, at the opening of Plaza JM, which was a continuation and expansion of his automobile enterprise. This was his legacy that my beloved mother Alicia, kept alive.

Dad, I Want to Congratulate You…

You’re celebrating a double birthday, 76 years with life, 50 years with work. No, not with work, because you knew it all the time, but 50 years of having begun to build something which now bears your name.

Father, I congratulate you because today you are honored. 50 years of fighting for an ideal are challenging, and you have succeeded. Even though you are not with us physically, you are with us spiritually, and your presence is here, and your teachings are here, and your scent of jasmine is here.

Dad, I imagine you smiling, you’re happy, aren’t you? Your work was not in vain, your fatigue, was not in vain, the sweat, the hunger, the thirst you felt. Although you always remained hungry and thirsty for justice because for you, it was never enough.

You were always bettering yourself until the last moment; helping, advising, crying, and laughing, until the last moment.

Dad, I congratulate you today, not only for forging this company, but because you were a man who knew how to instill, in those who were lucky to have you, the sense of justice, a respect for others, and love for one another. Today, I want to share with the world how proud I am to be your daughter.

Congratulations Dad,

Ligia del Carmen


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