Happy Mother’s Day

Whenever I think of my beloved mother Alicia, my heart is filled with love.

Ligia2015_9845_WEB-300x224She is a woman who has been an inspiration to me for her strength of heart and faith of spirit.

Is a woman who despite pain and suffering, has been able to stand still, solid as a rock…

I remember when my father died, and her world shattered 43 years ago, she was able to pick up the pieces, and rebuild her world based on following my father’s legacy. This painful experience of losing her husband was compounded by the death of her beloved mother a month after. When I reflect on what she had to live, my admiration and love for her grows even more. Having built my professional life on helping the bereaved, knowing my mother went through these two huge losses in a month, breaks my heart…and at the same time, confirms my philosophy of loss transformation.
She is an example of strength and hope. She transformed her loss into her reason of existence.

My mother evolved as an empowered woman in the car’s industry, which was a world handled by men, in those times. Despite challenges and obstacles, she didn’t dismay, working until she was 78 years old.

And…who is this amazing woman now? At 95 years old, and despite her physical limitations, she continues having a zest for life. She continues interested in learning new things, in enjoying every single day, and in nourishing her spirit through her faith.

For me, my mother is a source of peace whenever my soul needs to recharge; is a source of love, when my heart needs a hug; and, is a source of strength, when my spirit needs motivation to continue with my mission.

I thank God for having such a special mother and in this Mother’s Day, I want to honor her for who she is.

Thanks Mom, and Happy Mother’s Day!




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