Grieving and Loving after a Tragedy

The horrific event that happened this past Sunday 12th, 2016, has profoundly touched our hearts as a nation. I live in Miami, but was in Tampa, Florida, attending a conference, when I saw on TV the horrific news: There had been a massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In this painful event 20 people were killed, and dozens injured (sadly, the numbers of persons killed eventually went up to 49).

Looking at the screen, I was in disbelief. I saw the images of men and women crying, running, carrying others, or just observing. I was in denial, as it was too painful to grasp it all at once. This massacre was an inhumane act of hate; this was a mass murder happening in our neighbor city. When we lose a loved one it is painful, however when a crime like this happens, it shakes our foundation; our concept of hope shatters and a sense of injustice, anger and fear may settle in our hearts.

This terrible act of hate claimed many lives leaving pain and sorrow in the hearts of their families, friends, and in the rest of us, as this has been a source of public and shared grief. This event has not only been the loss of human beings, but for many this act represents the loss of hope, security, and future. We all come together in our grief. We all come together in our sorrow. We all come together in our disbelief. We are all asking “Why?” We may wonder what is happening in the world; we may wonder if love exists, we may wonder about the meaning of peace. As we accompany in spirit the family of these victims, let’s reflect on our lives and let’s grieve in our unique ways, keeping in mind, we can transform this loss in contributing making this a better world. In this painful event is when we can come together regardless our culture, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. We can join forces not to allow these sentiments of fear to be prevalent, on the contrary! Let’s join our hearts in prayer and remind ourselves that despite this terrible act of hate, love still exists and we carry it in our hearts.

It all starts with us.

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