Guided Meditation with Ligia

June 6, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Center for Transforming Lives
7600 SW 57th Avenue Suite #211 Miami
FL 33143
$15.00 USD Single Class
1 Hour Session
$50.00 USD Peaceful & Loving 4-Week Pass
1 Hour Session
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Ligia M. Houben

Mindfulness Guided Meditation


If you are seeking more joy into your life, embrace meditation on a regular basis. In the calming atmosphere of our Center, you will discover the gift of complete relaxation and transform your life for the better! Meditation helps you achieve a sense of balance as you connect with your inner self. We begin each session with a brief introduction. After our meditation you have the opportunity to share and bond with the other participants in a caring and peaceful setting.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ligia specializes in relaxation and getting into profound meditative states, which helps you achieve a sense of calmness and joy. Even if you have never meditated before, this class is easy to follow and totally focused on your needs. You make it happen and you learn how to apply relaxing skills any time you may experience stress.

NEW: Meditation and Journaling – Bring your own journal!

In this guided meditation we will have the opportunity to embrace our spirituality and connect with your inner self.

Note: If you incorporate guided meditation to your daily routine, if you commit to meditating daily: either when you wake up, when you go to sleep or both. you will see an increase difference in emotions if done consistently for 30 days.