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Guiding You Into Healing and Growth

Welcome! If you are facing a life transition or a loss in your life, I want to help you.
Yes, it is possible to bounce back after a challenge or difficult life transition. Let me introduce you to The 11 Principles of Transformation™ which is a system that helps you improve the quality of your life and be happier! I introduced it when I wrote the self-help book, Transform your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope. This was the key to open the door to new possibilities, to hope, to transformation, despite any loss or challenging life transition. You CAN transform your loss and transform your life!

The 11 Principles of Transformation

Ligia Houben’s System to Transform Your Life…After a Loss.



Personal Growth Book

Picture1“This book describes the basic elements of the grief process and of coping with loss. Ms. Houben enters into a dialogue with the reader by way of questions, tasks, ideas for reflection”

12-Week Online Program

Picture2In just 12 weeks you can transform your life! The system, The 11 Principles of Transformation™ was designed to heal and comfort your broken heart. Ready to Take Your Life Back?

Grief & Growth Coaching

Picture4“Ligia embodies a holistic, whole-hearted approach to caring guidance and coaching ultimately helping you to overcome and transform into your authentic and natural self.” -Nick Bosk

Seminars & Workshops

Picture3“The seminar of the Eleven Principles of Transformation by Ligia Houben is a very enriching experience, which allows those who have experienced a loss to find practical and useful.


Ligia’s Message

Ligia M. Houben is the Founder of The Center for Transforming Lives

This is a meditation center and Ligia’s purpose is to provide a comfortable and peaceful place where people have the opportunity to relax, let go of their pain and problems, and are able to find peace, joy, and empowerment.

The Center Offers

  • Seminars and workshops to promote personal growth and transformation for Individuals and for Professionals.
  • Meditation classes, to enhance relaxation and mindfulness. NEW: Meditation for Teens!
  • Consultation to individuals and families.
  • Support and coaching groups.

Interested in renting this space for classes or support groups?

Contact Ligia at

Visit the Center

Register for Meditation Classes

Questions & Answers


What is The Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

By definition, counseling pays a lot of attention to the past and the causes of the emotional rollercoaster we may experience facing a loss or difficult life transition.Coaching, on the other hand, is a developmental process that can help you move from where you are now, to where you want to go. More…


How is Grief Expressed?

People generally try to ignore their grief and pretend that nothing has happened to them, but inside they are hurting. If this pain is not acknowledged and recognized, then it stays with us, preventing us from moving on with our lives. Although most people expect grief to be expressed only at the emotional level, it can be experienced in all dimensions. More…


Can a Loss be Transformed?

Although we generally identify the word “loss” with the death of a loved one, there are other types of losses which could also bring grief into our lives. Some of these losses are: Divorce or break-up, Loss of a pet, Loss of health, Loss of a job or Relocating. Do you want to know how you are dealing with your loss? Go here

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People Share Their Thoughts About Ligia

Ms. Houben has led several courses in this field at our facilities and we have been very pleased with her expertise and also with her winsome demeanor. She is engaging, informed and sensitive to the needs of her audience.”

Rev Guillermo Escalona, M.Div, Director, Pastoral Education Baptist Health South Florida
I have attended many seminars and Ligia is an excellent speaker, presenter, author and educator.She has a beautiful presence; her books are amazing and I’m looking forward to ordering more! I would highly recommend her!

Jennifer O’brien
To find oneself if essential and precious. Ligia Houben helps one unlock the door to the hidden mysteries that we all sometimes block or ignore. Her loving guidance and assistance in this process is profound and dedicated. I encourage everyone to enlist her services for their higher good.
Karin S. Gerardin, Esq. P.A.


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